When you think about Christmas, corn may not be the first thing that comes to mind. But corn is far more present in the holiday season than you may realize! Check out these four ways you can bring corn to your home this Christmas:

  1. Christmas tree garland

    1. While this one may be the most obvious, it’s one of the favorites. Making popcorn garland can be a fun touch to your tree that will add a “homemade” feeling. And it’s a family activity that everyone can enjoy! Learn how to make this fun décor.
  2. Christmas dinner

    1. Some people may not think to serve corn on the cob on Christmas day, but there are so many other ways to prepare it. You may have had cream corn or corn casserole, but there are also unique ways to prepare sweet corn such as garlic parmesan fried corn, sweet corn soup, or potato and sweet corn fritters. Or maybe your family festivities embrace Tex-Mex favorites filled corn such as tortilla chips, enchiladas, or tamales. Take a look at these recipes and try something new and delicious this Christmas!
  3. Candy canes

    1. Candy canes have always been a staple for Christmas, but did you know corn plays a big role when it comes to making this delicious treat? Corn syrup is an important ingredient to make candy canes just right. Take on a challenge over the holiday break and use corn syrup to make some candy canes of your own!
  4. Christmas ornaments

    1. The holidays can be a pricey time of year, especially when you add up all the little things. So, why spend money on Christmas tree ornaments when you can make your own! Use cornstarch and some creativity to make some fun, personalized Christmas ornaments! Here’s how.

This December, keep in mind these ways to add a little corn to your Christmas! TCP hopes you and your family have the happiest holidays.

Merry Christmas!

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