The American Craft Spirits Associations (ACSA) held its third biennial blind-tasting whiskey competition on July 22-23 in Louisville, Kentucky. Texas Corn Producers (TCP) along with other state corn associations sponsored the competition that recognizes the best whiskey distilleries with state and national awards.

Best of Texas Winner: Garrison Brothers Cowboy Bourbon

With multiple entries from Texas, TCP is proud to announce the “Best of Texas” award winner is Garrison Brothers Distillery out of Hye, Texas, for its Garrison Brothers Cowboy Bourbon.

Whiskey companies from all 50 states that include some corn ingredient in their whiskey were invited to join. With entries from 17 different states, the ACSA gathered a group of locals within the Kentucky whiskey industry to facilitate the judging of this event.

The whiskeys are judged based off 10 main categories that include appearance, aroma intensity, aroma complexity, palate concentration, palate complexity, body, alcohol, texture finish, and pour for a peer.

These scores helped to place the whiskies in several categories that include Overall Best of Show, individual medals, different whiskey categories, as well as an award to the best whiskey in each state.

This year 25 whiskies were awarded bronze, 14 received silver, and eight received the honor of a gold medal.

Along with the medals, the whiskies were separated and submitted into categories such as blended, bourbon, corn whiskey, four grain, rye, and straight each with the chance to win the title for that category.

For more information on the Best of Show medalist and other state and category winners, click here.

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