National Corn Growers Association’s (NCGA) latest work in aiding producers with tools to be better communicators took place on a virtual conference over two days at the end of July. The Corn Ambassador Leadership Training program was created for up-and-coming leaders who wanted to grow their skills in advocacy, leadership development and communication. Participants also learned more on how the association’s efforts and resources are allocated.

John and Lydia Abney were two of 18 registrants across six states who attended the online program. The Hillsboro, Texas, farmers reflected on the event as educational, refreshing and useful.

“The conference was really focused on being a leader – It was about stepping up for the corn industry and agriculture as a whole,” Lydia Abney said. “It was neat to meet people from across the country who do what we do, feel what we feel, and have them explain their thoughts and concerns in a different voice”

The Texas corn farmers had the opportunity to work with board members, ranchers and farmers from across the United States as the program was built for anyone interested in supporting American agriculture. Lydia explained the event was ideal for agriculturists looking to know more about the value of contributing and being a part of corn associations.

“My biggest take away was learning how important it is to continue to support associations though membership and activities,” Abney said. “If you are unsure or curious about the process, or looking for more reasons to become a member, I highly suggest dedicating a couple days to learn more about an organization that works every day for farmers.”

Opportunities like the one the Abneys participated happen often, and Texas Corn Producers (TCP) highly encourages its members to maintain involvement with its national partners at NCGA. For producers looking to get involved in association efforts, learn more at or

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