Six Texas mothers offer their thoughts and concerns as consumers in the “Mom Guilt” panel at the CommonGround Conference

In the second week of August, volunteers from across the country gathered in Dallas, Texas, to attend the 2021 CommonGround Conference. Attendees of the 2-day conference dove deeper into identifying audiences of consumers, social media training, and how to have positive engagement with consumers.

Texas CommonGround was represented by corn farmers Kyla Hamilton of Lubbock County, Texas, and Lindsay Kimbrell of Hill County, Texas. The conference allowed Texas CommonGround volunteers to interact and connect with volunteers from across the country.

The attendees reviewed CommonGround’s core values and purpose to encourage further involvement as an advocate for the industry.

“I think CommonGround is allowing the farmer, the actual grower, to bring more information to the average consumer who may not know where to start when looking for answers,” Texas CommonGround volunteer Lindsay Kimbrell says.

A live “Mom Guilt” Consumer Panel was also held during the conference. The panel was composed of six Texas mothers who do not have ties to the agricultural industry.

The mothers were able to talk about food fears and concerns for their family, while farmers listened. Most of the moms agreed that they are more likely to buy a product with a “Grown by America’s farmers” label because they feel safer feeding it to their families. The conversation surfaced relatable topics for both the consumers and farmers in the room, including making choices for their families and keeping their families healthy during busy times of the year.

“CommonGround is such a unique program because of its inclusion of all production methods and freedom of choice. We are a team working together, in many different ways, to help consumers know the food options available and help them make the most informed choice they can make for their families,” Texas CommonGround volunteer Kyla Hamilton says.

CommonGround was developed by farmers through two national organizations: the National Corn Growers Association (NCGA) and the United Soybean Board (USB). CommonGround now has over 200 female farmer volunteers throughout 21 states.

Here in Texas, the CommonGround program continues to grow in numbers, helping increase trust and further elevate the credibility of our state’s farmers and Texas agriculture. CommonGround Texas aims to help more people enjoy their food without fear every day.

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