Four Texas corn farmers are set to take on key advising positions for National Corn Growers Association (NCGA) in 2021. Earlier this week, the NCGA Corn Board appointed farmer and staff leaders from across the nation to its action teams and committees.

“Having a voice at this level is vital to ensuring a diverse perspective as national efforts are driven by these action teams and committees,” Texas Corn Producers Board Chairman Robert Gordon said. “Committing time away from the farm is never easy, and the dedication of these Texans will prove beneficial to the corn industry as a whole.”

The NCGA Corn Board selected farmers for a variety of positions:

  • Kyla Hamilton of Shallowater, Texas
    Member and Consumer Engagement Action Team
  • Aaron Martinka of Buckholts, Texas
    Risk Management and Transportation Action Team
  • Charles Ring of Sinton, Texas
    Sustainability Ag Research Action Team
  • Chad Wetzel of Sherman, Texas
    Stewardship Action Team

“We look forward to seeing the leadership of these individuals alongside fellow corn farmers from across the nation grow the industry over the next year,” Texas Corn Producers Association President Wesley Spurlock said. “It’s important to have a Texan perspective brought into the conversation of the teams that guide core programs for the organization’s policies and priorities.”

NCGA relies on a strong group of farmer leaders for the organization to thrive and serve its purpose as a nationwide representation of one of the largest agricultural segments of the United States. Access the complete list of NCGA action team and committee appointments HERE.

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