In the last week of July, Texas Corn Producers Association (TCPA) met with Texas’ 13th Congressional District (TX-13) Republican Candidate Ronny Jackson in Amarillo, Texas. While there, TCPA members and staff focused on building relationships and discussing plans of action for the agriculture industry with the candidate and his staff.

Mark Howard, a TCPA board member who attended the meeting, talked about the importance of having a sturdy voice for the corn industry in government.

Pictured left-right: Angie Martin, TCPA Industry Affairs Director, Brennen George, Mark Howard, TCPA board member, Ronny Jackson, David Gibson, Heath Hill, Russell Williams

“Having solid representation in this district is heavily needed,” Howard said. “We have been well represented in the past and I hope to see that carried on past this election cycle.”

With TX-13 being the number one ag district by dollar value in the state and number six in the nation, it is imperative that the representative elected will fight for agriculture and rural Texas interests at our nation’s capital. Given the distance between producers and consumers, Howard was hopeful that the next elected representative will work toward effective policies that marry what producers need and consumers want. The High Plains farmer said he hopes the next elected official will represent the agriculturally-dense district in groups such as the House Committee on Agriculture.

“The divide of urban and rural areas continues to increase so it is important to have someone in office that represents both of us well,” Howard said. “We need someone who will constantly work on building relationships for farmers with not only our neighbors, but our government, too.”

Former Leadership, Activism, Network and Development (LAND) program participant and TCPA member Brennan George gave his perspective on rural representation.

“I am hopeful that our district is represented well after the next election cycle,” George said. “I plan on staying in the farming business for as long as I can. In order for that to happen, we have to keep our representatives connected to the farm through constant communication and relationship building.”

Leading up to the 2020 election, TCPA is continuing to communicate with the campaigns for current and prospective members of Congress on both sides of the aisle across the state. The association remains hopeful and excited that the elected official in TX-13 and several other districts will support, protect and advocate for Texas farmers. To stay involved in TCPA’s activities is easy: support TCPA’s advocacy work and get more involved by joining as an association member here or by viewing the TCPA voter guide here.

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