Texas Corn Producers Association, along with 400 other agriculture associations, recently signed a letter written to the Senate and House Budget Committees in regard to budgetary resources needed to assemble a more complete farm bill.

TCPA is advocating to make modifications to the 2018 farm bill. While providing basic protection for farmers, the current bill has become ineffective in light of rising input costs and the state of the current global market. The letter reads that there is a need for “a more meaningful, predictable farm safety net and the need to invest more into trade promotion programs to help diversify agricultural markets.”

In the letter, the organizations assert that additional budget resources are necessary to “protecting and enhancing crop insurance to assist with volatile weather and crop loss, improving access to voluntary conservation incentives, addressing rural development needs, investing in research for innovation and competitiveness, providing opportunities to help the nation become more energy independent and food secure, and supporting solutions to address logistics challenges.”

As farm bill conversations get underway, TCPA is working hard to ensure Texas’ corn farmers interests are considered in the legislation. These advocacy efforts are made possible by TCPA’s members. Make sure your membership is current with Texas Corn Producers Association today to support these efforts and more!

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