As the 118th Congress begins consideration of the next farm bill, Texas Corn Producers Association is actively advocating five key priorities for the state’s corn farmers. TCPA is underscoring the importance that providing a strong safety net for farmers through the farm bill is not just a stabilizer for the agricultural industry, but a vital aspect of national security by keeping the country producing its own food supply.

TCPA is calling for the Texas delegation and pertinent committee members to support five priorities in the 2023 Farm Bill:

  • Increase Price Loss Coverage (PLC) reference prices
    To be relevant to today’s record-high $5.25 per bushel cost of corn production, the statutory reference price for corn should be increased 15-25%.
  • Allow a voluntary base acre update
    Enable farmers growing a program crop that incurs market and production risks to be eligible for the farm bill’s Title 1 risk protection by offering a voluntary base acre update.
  • Protect crop insurance
    This successful public-private partnership provides a necessary safety net to those who cannot participate in Title 1 programs due to a lack of base acres, and fills the gap when Title 1 farm bill programs fail to cover the steep increases in the cost of production.
  • Increase the corn loan rate
    The marketing assistance loans (MAL) in the farm bill help farmers maintain cash flow during harvest, and it is necessary to increase this loan rate for corn.
  • Increase the baseline
    It is imperative Congress find a path forward to increase the baseline for the farm bill to keep our farmers farming, keep our food supply domestic, and keep America’s grocery store shelves full.

As conversations move forward for the next farm bill, TCPA will continue to bring these priorities to the forefront of conversations with decision makers. Beyond regular communication, the association is bringing a delegation of corn farmers to Washington in July to discuss these pertinent issues with legislators and staff.

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