Over the past 2 months, participating Texas A&M AgriLife Extension agents in the High Plains have continued their moth trapping efforts through funding from the corn checkoff. Overall, this month’s numbers have fluctuated between both species and locations. As of August 14:

Table 1: Over the past month, Southwestern corn borer saw spikes in numbers in late July, but have differentiated in the past two weeks between trapping locations.

Table 2: Fall armyworm numbers climbed higher this month, especially in the northern area of Deaf Smith County.

Table 3: The Western bean cutworm numbers have varied each week, but are back on the rise after seeing a drop in numbers.

Table 4: Corn ear worm numbers have varied each week, but are showing to be less common in traps last week.

Providing information to farmers about moth activity during the growing season aims to offer valuable insight for Texas farmers, aiding the decision-making process for pest management practices.

Dallam, Deaf Smith, Gray, and Hartley counties began reporting their results in June. County extension agents will count the traps until the end of August.

Farmers can get weekly trapping information by following @TexasCorn on Twitter.

Click HERE to learn more about this and other research efforts funded by Texas Corn Producers Board.

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