The U.S. Trade Representative’s recent announcement that it has requested dispute settlement consultations against Mexico over its decree banning biotech corn used for human consumption came after months of intense advocacy by Texas Corn Producers Association farmer leaders who joined the National Corn Growers Association and corn farmers across the country in calling for action.

The concern by U.S. farmers stems from a 2020 decree by Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador that sought to ban imports of biotech corn beginning in January 2024. Mexico issued a revised decree in February of this year that banned biotech corn for human consumption, effective immediately, and left the door open for a future ban on all biotech corn.

Since Mexico is an obvious integral player in the state’s corn market, a top market for U.S. corn, the number one agricultural export from the nation, TCPA has been working with the NCGA, our state congressional delegation, state and national media and with officials at USTR and USDA to hold Mexico accountable for its commitments under the U.S.-Canada-Mexico Agreement.

Now, thanks to USTR’s actions, if initial consultations don’t yield a successful outcome, a group of objective experts will be empaneled to hear the case and make final a determination based on the commitments both parties signed as part of USMCA.

To join our advocacy efforts on this and other issues, ensure your TCPA membership is active at or text COB to 52886.

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