Corn husk dolls. Corny jokes. Corn on the cob. It is almost as if corn can be found anywhere. It is in the fields, art and on dinner tables, so why shouldn’t it be in your classroom or home?

That is why Texas Corn Producers’ (TCP) educational resources provide activities ranging from growing your own corn plant to word searches. Whether your students or kids want to get their hands dirty or test their knowledge, TCP educational resources have it all.  See how they can make your classroom or home a bit “cornier.”

What are our educational resources?

Just imagine a box filled with activities that encourage learning, or an online resource with activities to keep your kids or students engaged for hours. Well, you do not have to just imagine because TCP has just that. Whether you are a teacher looking for classroom material to meet necessary curriculum requirements or a parent looking to keep the kids busy on a rainy day, our educational resources are meant for you.

A big part of TCPs educational outreach is Corn in the Classroom. This curriculum is specifically designed for easy integration into Pre-K through 5th Grade classroom settings. It includes in-person and virtual activities and can be found in English and Spanish and is totally free for teachers.

With hands-on activities designed for a variety of ages, TCP provides a wide range of materials. So, whether you are looking for a “maize” maze, to learn about different parts of plants, or a simple word search, all of these can be found in TCPs’ educational resources.

Why should you use these resources?

Fun games and learning activities can be found anywhere, so why would a parent or teacher want to implement these in their home or classroom? While providing a fun learning experience, TCPs academic resources are geared toward each grade level’s academic needs.

On the TCP website, you will find tabs labeled with specific grade levels. Each tab contains activities developed specifically to introduce agriculture in a way that meets kids at their learning level. We want to ensure that our materials remain fun and educational while continuing to fill your home or classroom with joy, curiosity, and knowledge. Whether your kids want to take the pen and paper or experimental route, each activity brings new knowledge of corn including its uses, how its grown, where it comes from and more.

We also wanted these resources to be easy to implement in all classrooms across the state of Texas, which is why we made sure Corn in the Classroom meets Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS). These lessons all meet science TEKS, along with some math and language arts, so educators can incorporate agriculture and meet their academic requirements concurrently. It is just another perk of our educational resources.

Along with meeting TEKS, these resources encourage kids to learn at a young age where and how their food is produced. It is a simple and easy way for parents or teachers to integrate agriculture in their homes or classroom to help kids foster a love and appreciation for where their food is coming from, and in turn, produce well-informed consumers.

 How can you access the resources?

These educational resources can be accessed in many ways:

For school teachers, TCP hosts workshops where they can get their hands on these learning materials. Teachers who attend a TCP workshop receive a box with plenty of learning materials to execute the lessons in their classrooms. Inside the box are planters, seeds, and other items for students to grow their own corn plants while learning core science knowledge for their grade level.  Workshops are also a fun learning experience for teachers who attend. You can find a workshop near you or request one by CLICKING HERE.

If you are not able to attend a workshop or are a parent or not a professional educator, you can still access these materials! TCP provides easy-to-access educational resources online.

Online you will find word scrambles, a corn-word puzzle, and even a 16-page activity book. There are also activities that can turn your kitchen or classroom into an art class or laboratory by making corn husk dolls, slime and MORE.

Take advantage of these free activities that will get your students or kids interested in corn farming and agriculture. Help give them the knowledge and information they need to become well-informed consumers, stewards of the land, and gain an understanding of the industry that grows the quality food we enjoy every day. We hope you find as much joy in filling your classroom or home with corn as we do!

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