Make an informed decision when you head to the polls this fall! Take a look at the voter guide on agricultural and rural Texas issues made available by Texas Corn Producers Association (TCPA), through the Texas Corn Political Action Committee (Texas Corn PAC).

Knowing the candidates’ stances on issues important to agriculture and rural Texas is essential for corn farmers across the state. Texans have largely lost the important opportunity to attend in-person town halls and meetings with candidates and gain this valuable insight.

TCPA gave candidates the opportunity to provide their perspective on agricultural and rural Texas issues. Candidates were asked for input on agricultural matters, including:

  • Farm Programs
  • Trade
  • Regulation
  • Energy
  • Transportation
  • Animal Agriculture

The results of this polling of Congressional candidates are HERE. TCPA reached out to the campaigns of all candidates to solicit their responses. Included in the guide are the responses received directly from the candidates.

Early voting in Texas ends Oct. 30, and election day is Tuesday, Nov. 3. Get your polling place details, see your ballot and more on the Vote Texas website.

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