In compliance with Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulation, Insect Resistance Management (IRM) assessments are done each year to determine if corn growers that plant insect-protected products are complying with the necessary requirements.

Texas Corn Producers received inquiries about this process from corn farmers in the state, and wants to ensure farmers know these are legitimate request. Farmers may receive a notice similar to this one from the Seed Technology Education Program (STEP) notifying them of their selection for an IRM compliance assessment. In complying with this assessment, farmers may be asked to gather invoices, records and field maps. The assessors will contact selected farmers to determine a convenient time to conduct the roughly 30-minute interview. Due to social distancing guidelines, the assessors have transitioned to an over-the-phone process where they will review the required records and determine your compliance.

A copy of the official STEP release is available here.

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