Research Proposals

Texas Corn Producers Board is no longer accepting research funding proposals for the 2024 fiscal year. TCPB outlined specific projects and priority areas that will guide the research committee as they evaluate all proposals. Selected projects will be presented to the board in January 2024.

Research Priorities

Biological Controls

Disease | Fertility | Insects

Corn Breeding

Disease & Insect Resistance | Drought | Heat Tolerance | Silage Quality


System Efficiency Improvements: Water & Power | Timing of Irrigation for Crop Management | Water Volume Monitoring Alternatives


Conservation Title Implementation | Farm Bill: Implementation & Evaluation of Producer Options | Insurance: Policy Selection | Tax Implications

Production & Management

Disease | Fumonisin | Greenhouse Gas Mitigation | Integrated Pest Management | Sustainability / Crop System Management | Weeds

Investing in Innovation

By investing checkoff dollars in cutting-edge research programs, Texas Corn Producers Board is funding the future of corn farming. The checkoff board is supporting research that increases yields, while conserving natural resources, focusing our efforts on research related to sustainable agriculture. In addition, the board is prioritizing research related to financial impacts of policy implementation and seeing what most affects the farmers’ bottom line. For more information about TCPB research, please email

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