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Access hands-on experiments, online activities and more to keep students engaged and learning about the world of agriculture any time of year!

Resources from Texas Corn Producers

Kindergarten & 1st Grade

How is corn grown? Cut and paste the images to show the steps of a growing corn plant!

4th Grade: Parts of a Plant

Label the parts of a corn plant

4th Grade: Where is the Seed?

Learn and label the parts of a corn seed.

4th Grade: Plant Structures & Functions

Match the corn plant’s functions with its structures.

4th Grade: Parts of the Plant Flashcards

Print these flashcards to help students learn the parts of the corn plant.

The Adventures of Cobby Corn

This 16 page activity book is packed with activities, color pages and more for preschool to elementary students!

Corn Husk Doll

Learn to make a doll from a corn husk!

Corn-word Puzzle

Get your pencil ready for this corny crossword puzzle!

Corn Plastic

Bring the laboratory to your own kitchen and make corn plastic!

Maize Maze

Help the pig get to his dinner!

Corny Experiment

Give students a taste for science with a result that’s popping!

Short & Simple

These quick projects are sure to be a hit! Projects include: Making corn putty, creating a popcorn necklace, and growing your own corn!

Word Scramble

Corn is in a lot! Unscramble these words to find out some items that contain corn.

Word Search

Discover some of the many ways of using corn in this fun word search!

Corn in the Classroom Curriculum

Meet science Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) when students return to the classroom with Texas Corn Producers’ Corn in the Classroom K-5 curriculum that offers students an understanding of where their food is produced.

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