Corn In Texas

The U.S. grows the most corn in the world and Texas’ corn industry alone greatly impacts the state’s economy!

Texas Corn Production

Ever wonder the process corn undergoes to make it on your dinner plate or in your gas tank? Each year, Texas farmers plant and harvest millions of acres of corn.

Texas corn growers:

  • Plant more than 2 million acres annually
  • Yield an average of 105 bushels per acre
  • Averaged more than 285 million bushels annually in the past 5 years

Planting and Harvesting Corn

Planting corn is a balance of ensuring the soil is warm enough to germinate the seeds, but not so early that the young plants risk being damaged by frost. Depending on geographical location and climate, Texas farmers typically begin planting corn as early as January and as late as June.

Corn typically takes approximately 120 days to reach maturity; however, different corn hybrids take different lengths of time to reach maturity. Once corn reaches maturity, it is then harvested. Similar to planting season, harvest season varies from region to region and greatly depends on weather conditions. Depending on geographical location, farmers typically begin harvesting corn as early as July and as late as November in the state of Texas.