Corn in the Classroom

Elementary Curriculum

Follow the links below to access engaging, hands-on lessons meet students’ age-appropriate educational needs, while introducing them to agriculture through core STEM skills.

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Lesson Plans


 A Corny Introduction


Kindergarten & 1st Grade

Corn & Life: A Kernel’s Adventure


2nd Grade

How Does It Grow?


3rd Grade

Staying Alive!


4th Grade

Structurally Speaking


5th Grade

World Wide Web


Bonus Activities

Corn Plastic | Oobleck | Corn Cob Sprout | Sun Catchers


Online Classroom Elements

Take your lessons virtual! Corn in the Classroom activities are ready for your customization and use whether your students are completing them in the traditional classroom or from home.

Follow the links below to access the online activities. Many of these are available through Google Classroom. You will be asked to “Make a Copy” of the lesson. Once you click this button you can save the lesson activity to your personal Google account!

Curriculum Feedback

Once you have reviewed and/or utilized the Corn in the Classroom curriculum, please provide your insight so we can enhance the experience for educators and students.

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Lesson Supplies Resources

Below are resources to purchase necessary materials for the Corn in the Classroom lessons. These resources are in no way endorsed by or affiliated with Texas Corn Producers, but simply meant to be a reference for teachers.

Soil wafers


Corn Seed

*Be sure not to purchase chemically-treated seed*

  • Call local grain co-op or elevator
  • Can purchase small amounts at a feed or garden store

Butterfly Nets

Hand Lenses



Corn Stalk

  • Ask a local farmer
  • Alternatively, find corn on the cob with husk attached at a grocery store like this one from Walmart

Natural Light Simulator