NRCS Fundamentals of Conservation & Sustainability in Agriculture Certification

Texas Corn Producers (TCP), in collaboration with the Natural Resources Conservation Service in Texas (NRCS) launched the NRCS Fundamentals of Conservation and Sustainability in Agriculture Certification, on the iCEV Testing Platform. The certification is available to learners at any stage of their education or career.

Together, we have a vision to create a world with clean and abundant water, healthy soils and resilient landscapes, all while feeding a growing population with healthy, nutritious food. Our goals are to build a strong organizational support system, work with advocates to further the interest of the industry and promote thriving agricultural communities through voluntary conservation.

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Meeting the Industry Need

This certification verifies individuals have obtained exceptional knowledge and skills in the areas of conservation and sustainability of various natural resources including soil, water, plants, animals and air. Those who earn the certification are more qualified and prepared to enter various roles within the agricultural conservation and sustainability job sectors.

Additionally, the certification allows employers to identify and connect with more skilled candidates, filling gaps in the labor market and jump-starting individuals’ careers. Though the certification is entry-level, it is available to learners at any stage of their education or careers.

Industry Standards

The certification exam consists of 100 questions and assesses knowledge and skills from the following weighted industry standards:


Formation & Processes
Functions & Values
Health & Quality
Conservation & Management


Physical & Chemical Properties
Hydrologic Cycle
Quality & Pollution
Regulations & Standards
Treatment & Conservation


Physical Structures & Functions
Growth & Reproduction
Nutrient Cycling
Annuals & Perennials
Natives & Invasives
Crop Production
Conservation & Management


Quality & Components


Morphology & Physiology
Food Web & Trophic Levels
Terrestrial & Marine
Conservation & Management

Why We Created this Certification

We work closely with professionals in conservation, sustainability and agriculture. Because of our knowledge and passion for these industries, we take great responsibility in developing the future workforce of these fields. This certification is a way to build a workforce of interested, knowledgeable and skilled employees.

“Texas Corn Producers is excited to be a part of developing this opportunity for the next generation to gain an understanding of agriculturists’ commitment to conserving natural resources,” Kyla Hamilton, the TCP Advertising, Promotion and Education Committee Chair, says. “Working with NRCS and iCEV, this certification uniquely equips students with the foundational knowledge of how agriculturists work to leave our land better than before.”

Testing Platform

iCEV is the certification testing platform. As the testing platform, iCEV fulfills the following responsibilities:

  • Provides secure testing technology for certification exams
  • Regulates testing environment
  • Works with secondary and post-secondary academic institutions, workforce development associations and the public-at-large to offer certification options for career advancement
  • Provides certification verification to employers for potential job applicants
  • Offers optional corresponding preparation materials

Interested in Becoming Certified or have Questions?

Click the link below or contact iCEV directly at:
iCEV Office: 806-745-8820
Toll-Free: 800-922-9965

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