Texas Corn Producers (TCP) held its fourth installment of “Corn Conversations” for farmers and anyone else interested in gaining insight into driving demand for corn in the U.S. red meat market. On Oct. 29, TCP partnered with the U.S. Meat Export Federation (USMEF) Vice President Industrial Relations John Hinners who highlighted the value of meat exports, the current state of global trade, and the mutually beneficial relationship between meat exports and corn production.

Wesley Spurlock, president of the Texas Corn Producers Association (TCPA), kicked off “Corn Conversations” by diving into a conversation about the role USMEF plays in the world of corn. An integral piece of the corn market is the collaboration corn has with USMEF. USMEF is a driving force in the industry to further encourage domestic corn-fed livestock production for the U.S.

Hinners created dialogue discussing exports and new market opportunities. He explained the current state of stability in the market; however, USMEF is constantly looking for growth opportunities in other markets to further expand demand.

“Just because our numbers look a little different than they once did before, that doesn’t mean we can ignore expanding into some of the other markets,” Hinners said.

Hinners also noted the larger market share exports account for than they ever have. Exports are a key driving force within many markets – and meats are certainly no exception. From a global market perspective, the only way to expand production and profitability is to collaborate with those around us, Hinners said.

Hinners introduced Dave Juday, founder of the Juday Group, to discuss “The Value of Red Meat Exports to Corn,” a research study funded through USMEF based on 2019 data expanding on corn exports. Juday pinpointed a direct benefit and correlation to the corn industry through U.S. red meat exports.

“The goal is to have consumers who prefer certain products have access to exactly what they want,” Juday said.

Juday realized there is room for growth within the industry when looking at numbers for the demand of corn in 2020, but remained hopeful. In the past five-year growth period one in every four bushels of corn has been used for U.S. red meat markets. USMEF hopes to see rising numbers in the coming months for this market opportunity that provides impeccable value to corn farmers.

USMEF is an international marketing organization driving the demand for U.S. red meat in nine different sectors. The USMEF strategically designs marketing and advertising campaigns for U.S corn fed beef. USMEF is marketing different opportunities in Japan, Hong Kong, China, Mexico and Taiwan in hopes to provide for a higher demand of productivity in the world of corn. To learn more about USMEF and its impact click HERE.

If you missed it live, you can still watch the recorded “Corn Conversation” below!

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