Current ag/timber numbers expire on Dec. 31, 2019. Numbers must be renewed in order to continue to claim an exemption on qualifying agricultural and timber purchases made after that date.

Renewals can be completed over the phone by calling 844-AGRENEW (844-247-3639).

Individuals who wish to obtain their registration number can start a new account or log into an existing account on the comptroller’s website.

Once your application has been processed, you will receive a confirmation letter accompanied with two courtesy cards. While they do not replace a properly completed exemption certificate, they can be copied and shared with others who will be making purchases with theexemption.

Those who do not already have an exemption number can initiate their application process on the comptroller’s website. the application is an easy process, applicants will need a few items to reach completion:

  • Basic information about your business (such as its name, description and address)
  • Social Security number (if you do not qualify for a Social Security number, you must apply by mail and include your national identification number and country of origin on the application)
  • If your business is registered with the Texas Secretary of State (SOS), your SOS file number (find your file number using our Taxable Entity Search)

After gaining a registration number from the comptroller, farmers can qualify for tax exemptions on items used to produce their agricultural goods.

More information on what is considered tax exempt and how to obtain an Ag/Timber Exemption can be found here.

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