National Corn Growers Association (NCGA) recently announced the winners of the 2022 National Corn Yield Contest (NCYC).

For 58 years, farmers nationwide have participated and competed in nine different production categories with 27 national winners, and state winners, announced each year.

The Texas farmer recognized with the highest state yield, Cody Cover from Dalhart, Texas, produced 330.1081 bushels per acre. Other Texas farmers came out with astounding averages despite fighting the harsh conditions the Lone Star State gave them to work with last year.

Farmers ranking in the contest in Texas are:

Rank Entrant Name City Seed Variety Yield
Conventional, Non- Irrigated
1 William Zachary Goodwin Alvarado Dyna-Gro 161.7025
No-Till, Non-Irrigated
1 Brian Fink Cost Pioneer 89.5284
Strip, Min, Mulch, Ridge-Till Non-Irrigated
1 Justin N. Hansen Lorena Dyna-Gro 171.9677
Strip, Min, Mulch, Ridge-Till Irrigated
1 Cody Cover Dalhart Pioneer 330.1081
2 Chandler Preston Dumas Pioneer 311.1693
3 Braiden Cartrite Sunray Pioneer 293.2406
Conventional Irrigated
1 Jody Bezner Texline Pioneer 325.5898
2 Wesley Miller Stratford Pioneer 285.0930
3 David Ray Caudell Hearne Pioneer 212.2502

Lowell Neitzel, the 2022 chair of NCGA’s Member and Consumer Action Team, said the NCYC is a great way for producers to compete with other corn growers in a friendly competition while also providing the opportunity to learn from each other.

“This contest offers a unique opportunity for all farmers to part in the innovation and creativity that moves our industry forward. Contest winners, at the national and state levels, find new ways to excel while using a variety of techniques,” Neitzel said. “Ultimately, the data generated, and insights found by farmers and input providers enable U.S. farmers to continue to meet the future demand for critical food, feed, fuel and fiber.”

TCP congratulates Texas and other state winners for all their achievements. To learn more about other 2022 state and national winners, CLICK HERE.

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