Another National Corn Yield Contest has come and gone, and the 2020 results are in! National Corn Growers Association (NCGA) recently announced its winners for the National Corn Yield Contest. Despite weather, wildfires and a pandemic swarming the country, corn farmers remained resilient.

For 56 years, the National Corn Yield Contest has provided nine different categories for farmers to take advantage of and participate in. While there is no overall contest winner, Don Stall, of Charlotte, Mich., produced the overall highest yield in the contest across all categories this year with a yield of 476.9052 bushels per acre.

Congratulations to the following Texas winners for the 2020 National Corn Yield Contest:

Rank Entrant Name City Yield
Conventional Non- Irrigated
1 Keith Kresta Wharton 236.9343
2 Chet Zdunkewicz Needville 235.1663
3 Justin N Hansen Loreno 234.5431
No-Till Non-Irrigated
1 Brian Fink Cost 166.0766
Strip, Min, Mulch, Ridge-Till Non-Irrigated
1 Rick Wilson Decatur 227.9253
2 Brian Fink Cost 173.5964
Strip, Min, Mulch, Ridge-Till Irrigated
1 Jody Bezner Texline 286.7418
2 Chandler Preston Dumas 286.1062
Conventional Irrigated
1 Tommy & Valerie Cartrite Sunray 315.2357
2 Jody Bezner Texline 310.7776


NCYC winners will receive national recognition in publications such as the NCYC Corn Yield Guide, as well as trips or other awards from participating and sponsoring seed from chemical and crop protection companies.

Texas Corn Producers would like to thank all the Texas farmers who participated in this year’s contest. A special congratulations to all state and national contest winners!

Debbie Borg, chair of NCGA’s Member and Consumer Engagement Action team said, “At both the state and national levels, contest winners find new ways to excel while using a variety if techniques. Ultimately, the invention and improvement by farmers and input providers enable U.S. farmers to continue to meet the future demand for critical food, feed, fuel and fiber.”

Interested in participating in the 2021 contest? All Texas Corn Producers Association members are eligible to compete. Details and a complete list of all state and national winners are available HERE.

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