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Supporting America’s renewable energy source.

The Facts

  • In reducing emissions, ethanol outperforms gasoline.
    • Global ethanol production and use is estimated to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions by 110 million metric tons, according to energy experts.
    • This is the equivalent of taking more than 20 million vehicles off the road.
  • Ethanol helps reduce our need for foreign oil.
    • The U.S. imports 45% of its petroleum needs today. This number is down significantly since the rise of the ethanol industry.
    • The use of domestically produced ethanol in 2012 meant that the U.S. needed to import 870,000 fewer barrels of foreign oil every day – the same amount it takes for 23.5 million average drivers to fuel their vehicle for a day.
  • Ethanol is a key gasoline additive.
    • Adding renewable ethanol into the fuel supply provides a lower-cost oxygenate that helps engines run cleaner and with more power.
    • Available at a lower cost than gasoline, it provides fuel blenders a way to save money so retailers can charge less at the pump.
    • Ethanol reduces the cost consumers pay at the pump by more than a dollar per gallon on average.
  • Ethanol blends give drivers a real and renewable fuel choice.
    • With E10, E15 and E85, consumers at the pump can have a choice in what to put in their gas tanks.
    • The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has approved E15 (15% ethanol blend) for 2001 and newer cars and trucks.
    • E15 is one of the most tested fuel blends in history.
  • U.S. farmers grow more than enough corn for all uses.
    • Each year, a supply of corn is held over to be used the following year — providing more than half a billion bushels for this year from the 2012 corn supply.
    • U.S. ethanol production uses just 3% of the global grain supply.
  • Ethanol supports local jobs and helps the U.S. economy.
    • Directly, the industry supported more than 86,000 direct jobs and approximately 300,000 indirect and induced jobs in all sectors of the economy.
    • The average ethanol plant generates $9 million worth of economic activity every year.
    • In 2013, ethanol contributed $44 billion to the GDP, and generated $30.7 billion in household income

American Ethanol

American EthanolThe National Corn Growers Association (NCGA), through funding from state corn organizations, including Texas Corn Producers, is a proud partner with NASCAR® in conjunction with American Ethanol. Now, American Ethanol is on the green flag that starts every NASCAR race – and in the fuel tank of every car that makes it to the winner’s victory lap.

Benefits for Members

As a valued member of the Corn Producers Association of Texas, you are provided exclusive access to NASCAR, including discounted tickets and merchandise. In addition, you have access to discounts with other NASCAR partners, such as UPS, DirectTV and Sprint. To take advantage of these and other great CPAT membership benefits click here

American grown. American made. Now powering NASCAR

Click here for more information on the American Ethanol partnership.

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NASCAR® is a registered trademark of the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing, Inc.


More than Fuel

Ethanol production does more than produce a clean-burning fuel – it also produces a co-product called distillers grains. Wet or dried distillers grains are packed with nutrients and can be fed to livestock.

It’s important to remember that nearly all of the corn used to create ethanol in Texas is actually railed in from other states. Texas livestock producers can benefit from these local ethanol plants by having distillers grains in close proximity.

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