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Legislative Contacts


Use the legislative contacts below to connect with lawmakers.

U.S. Congress Committees

U.S. Senators

U.S. Representatives

District Name Party Phone Committee Assignment
1 Gohmert, Louie R 202-225-3035 Judiciary
Natural Resources
2 Poe, Ted R 202-225-6565 Foreign Affairs
3 Johnson, Sam R 202-225-4201 Joint Taxation
Ways and Means
4 Ratcliffe, John R 202-225-6673 Homeland Security
5 Hensarling, Jeb R 202-225-3484 Financial Services
6 Barton, Joe R 202-225-2002 Energy and Commerce
7 Culberson, John R 202-225-2571 Appropriations
8 Brady, Kevin R 202-225-4901 Joint Taxation
Ways and Means
9 Green, Al D 202-225-7508 Financial Services
10 McCaul, Michael T. R 202-225-2401 Foreign Affairs
Homeland Security
Science, Space, and Technology
11 Conaway, K. Michael R 202-225-3605 Agriculture
Armed Services
Intelligence (Permanent)
12 Granger, Kay R 202-225-5071 Appropriations
13 Thornberry, Mac R 202-225-3706 Armed Services
14 Weber, Randy R 202-225-2831 Foreign Affairs
Science, Space, and Technology
15 Hinojosa, Rubén D 202-225-2531 Education and the Workforce
Financial Services
16 O’Rourke, Beto D 202-225-4831 Armed Services
Veterans’ Affairs
17 Flores, Bill R 202-225-6105 Energy and Commerce
18 Jackson Lee, Sheila D 202-225-3816 Homeland Security
19 Neugebauer, Randy R 202-225-4005 Agriculture
Financial Services
Science, Space, and Technology
20 Castro, Joaquin D 202-225-3236 Armed Services
Foreign Affairs
21 Smith, Lamar R 202-225-4236 Homeland Security
Science, Space, and Technology
22 Olson, Pete R 202-225-5951 Energy and Commerce
23 Hurd, Will R 202-225-4511 Homeland Security
Oversight and Government
24 Marchant, Kenny R 202-225-6605 Ethics
Ways and Means
25 Williams, Roger R 202-225-9896 Financial Services
26 Burgess, Michael R 202-225-7772 Energy and Commerce
27 Farenthold, Blake R 202-225-7742 Judiciary
Oversight and Government
28 Cuellar, Henry D 202-225-1640 Appropriations
29 Green, Gene D 202-225-1688 Energy and Commerce
30 Johnson, Eddie Bernice D 202-225-8885 Science, Space, and Technology
31 Carter, John R 202-225-3864 Appropriations
32 Sessions, Pete R 202-225-2231 Rules
33 Veasey, Marc D 202-225-9897 Armed Services
Science, Space, and Technology
34 Vela, Filemon D 202-225-9901 Agriculture
Homeland Security
35 Doggett, Lloyd D 202-225-4865 Ways and Means
36 Babin, Brian R 202-225-1555 Science, Space, and Technology

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