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Statement on EPA’s final 2017 Renewable Volume Obligation

Today’s announcement of the final 2017 Renewable Volume Obligation (RVO) under the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) was welcomed by farmers and environmentally-conscious American consumers.

“The agency’s decision to increase the 2017 ethanol volume to statute is a positive move,” Corn Producers Association of Texas President Bruce Wetzel, a Sherman farmer, said. “This decision is another step forward for cleaner air for Americans, as well as affordable fuel choices and decreasing the country’s dependence on foreign oil.”

Wetzel also notes the affirmative tone this news has for farmers and rural America.

“The farmers who work hard to grow the feed, food and fuel for their neighbors, regions and the country have been faced with difficult economic times,” Wetzel continued. “The EPA’s announcement is encouraging as it keeps an open door for an important market for the nation’s abundant corn crop. This is a step in the direction of easing the tight financial times for farmers and rural America.”

Though more than 90 percent of corn grown in Texas is used for livestock feed, having a vibrant demand for ethanol is crucial for corn farmers across the nation as it is a key market for the commodity. Additional information about Texas corn is available at

The EPA’s finalized RVO is outlined as:

Renewable Fuel Volume Requirements for 2014-2018

  2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
Cellulosic biofuel (million gallons) 33 123 230 311 n/a
Biomass-based diesel (billion gallons) 1.63 1.73 1.9 2.0 2.1
Advanced biofuel (billion gallons) 2.67 2.88 3.61 4.28 n/a
Renewable fuel (billion gallons) 16.28 16.93 18.11 19.28 n/a

Additional information about the RVO is available from the EPA here.

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